Team Building – Making the Team Work Well

Anyone whose success is influenced by how effectively their team performs would benefit from this action packed workshop.

How does a group of people become a productive team, and what they can do, as leaders, to influence the process? Clear ideas of how developed their team is, the possible source of current problems, and positive steps they can take will result from practical experiences on the day.

Participants will be better able to:
  • List the benefits of successful team working and take steps they can take to achieve it
  • Identify their proffered role in a team and how best to use it
  • Determine when internal or external customers are best served by competition or co-operation
  • Measure how well a team is performing against agreed criteria
Course Content:
  • What makes a good team•Behaviour which contributes to team success
  • Group dynamics – developing effective teams
  • Preferred team roles
  • Building trust between teams
  • Internal customers•Measuring team effectiveness

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