In every case we design memorable events to meet each individual client’s needs. Working closely with them, we ensure we understand the issues and the desired outcome, and any constraints that we need to work around. The event can then be designed to simulate and reflect the situation at work in a way that is stimulating and fun, but also focused.

In designing our events we address a range of issues. These include Communicating, Group Organising, Leadership and Co-operating between teams. They are competitive, creative or personally challenging, indoors or outdoors. Each event is built from activities selected or developed to deliver the result required, but the level and type of challenge is chosen by our client. The venues have ranged from Castles to Gardens, inner city to the great outdoors!

Some recent events have included –

  • Creating a collage of the future
  • Orienteering or “Treasure Hunts”
  • Facilitating a community project
  • Becoming a Samba band
  • Overcoming a range of lawn based challenges

As well as higher impact activities involving cycling, a high ropes course, mountains, lakes and caves.

In all cases the result is measured against the objectives agreed in advance, and by the impact the event has on the individuals and their teams. Feedback often includes comments like “it was good to get to know people” “I’ll never look at my colleagues in the same way again” “If only we could do this more regularly”

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