Recruitment and Selection

Designed to help everyone involved in staff recruitment to specify the right person for the job, and develop selection and interviewing techniques to ensure your new staff ‘fit the bill’. The costs in time and effort of failing to attract the right people or employing the wrong ones can be significantly reduced.

Participants will be better able to:-

  • Define the skills and attributes required to fulfil a described role
  • Adopt the most effective method of attracting suitable applicants
  • Plan and conduct structured interviews against predetermined criteria and use an appropriate method to select the best candidate
  • Appreciate the needs of a new member of staff, and plan an induction process which is likely to make them want to stay


  • Defining Job Specification
  • Defining Person Specification
  • Effective Advertising
  • Potential Interview Questions
  • Structuring the Interview
  • Interview Practice
  • Selection Techniques
  • Induction

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