Professional Manager Development

DESIGNED FOR: The Professional Manager Development Programme is designed to build on managers past experience, and to further equip them for the challenges they face now, and in the future. A seven part programme, spread over 12-18 months, this course would also be a valuable follow on from the Management Development Programme or other previous management training.

This course is intended to cause people to recognise opportunities to improve and decide on practical steps they can personally take to enhance the performance of their team, their business and themselves. The programme is then intended to go a step further by encouraging participants to put into practice ideas and report back on their achievements. In addition delegates will be asked to complete a series of projects both in their centre, and with their team to focus them on using concepts covered on the programme, and to experience the benefits.



Participants will be able to

  • Gain a clear insights into their strengths and weaknesses as a manager, and create strategies to improve their effectiveness
  • Appraise their people and assess their teams, and take steps to understand, influence and develop them
  • Recognise customer needs and enable staff to confidently address them
  • Manage the effective flow of communication
  • Develop a financial budget, monitor costs and results
  • Recruit the right people, and take all steps necessary to develop them to their full potential


  • Leading and developing successful teams
  • Managing productive working relationships
  • Managing the business’s financial performance
  • Staying inside the law
  • Finding and keeping the right people
  • Managers role in developing staff
  • Group project review and personal presentations


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