Making time

Not manufacturing time, but making more of your time! What could just a 10% saving in time mean to you? Possibly time to think, or time to prevent crises rather than react to them. Appraising where your workload comes from and the techniques you use to fit it into your day, will result in more being achieved with less pressure.

Participants will be better able to :-

  • Identify where workload comes from and how it can be managed to an achievable volume
  • Identify which jobs contribute most to effectiveness
  • Specify individual attitudes and habits which inhibit the effective use of time
  • Assess practical steps to create more time


  • What am I trying to achieve
  • Converting time in to results
  • Time use model
  • Setting priorities
  • Analysing workload
  • Delegation
  • Attitudes to time use
  • Areas for improvement
  • Time use tools

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