Management Development


DESIGNED FOR committed managers who have had previous management training and run a substantial department, but who strive for further improvements in performance and are ready for a fresh challenge.


  • Further develop leadership skills
  • Develop their team to achieve more and gain greater job satisfaction
  • Improve levels of customer service


  • A programme of seven modules, each of 1 to 2 days followed by a one-day review session.
  • Between modules participants will complete a series of significant and valuable work-based projects including: –
  • A development plan for the growth of their own department
  • A survey of customer opinion of the services offered by the department
  • An audit of staff skills and a training plan


1. Leading & Developing Teams – 2 days

Get to know the groupIdentify strategies to develop their leadership skills, and their teams

Improve your delegation skills

Improved effectiveness in group problem solving skills

Increased awareness of you management style and its impact

2. Managing Productive Working Relationships – 2 days

Review of customer care and complaint handling policy

Identify key internal customer links and improve their effectiveness

Design chair and contribute to department and management meetings

Design and deliver persuasive presentations

Negotiate more effectively

3. Managing The Business’s Financial Performance – 2 days

Effective planning and budgeting skills to control the business to achieve projected results

Review their impact on key performance measures

Identify areas to create and sustain change in

4. Staying Inside The Law – 1 day

Identify responsibilities for health and safety

Recognise their responsibilities to staff and public, and ways to prevent potential legal problems

Guidelines to ensure employees rights are upheld during discipline or dismissal

5. Finding And Keeping The Right People – 2 days

Refine and improve staff selection skills

Review staff motivation and ways to enhance it

Review current induction process and ways to improve it

6. Developing Staff – 2 days

An audit of staff skills and a training plan

Skills to mentor and coach staff to provide support in their development

Ways to successfully conduct appraisal interviews

7. Review Day – 1 day

Present results and recommendations of a group project

Review outcomes as a result of the course

Plans for the future

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