Case Studies

From Hands on Senior Managers to Business Leaders 

When is being involved, being too involved?  When is being busy, not being productive?  When does a ‘Working Director’ stop being a Director and just the controller of all complications? Possibly when you find that you are doing your Managers jobs, and having to be involved in all the significant decisions because they do not feel they have the confidence or autonomy to make them themselves.

Coaching and Consulting often overlap.  The way forward sometimes requires a few steps back to take stock and provide clarity. In this situation reviewing the business’s mission, vision and values and the organisational structure in place to ensure they are delivered was necessary.  As a major expansion of the business was underway, there was the ideal opportunity to look at how the business works and the Director’s roles and relationship with it.

The attitude and working styles of the Directors also needed to change and coaching both has gone hand in hand with efforts to reshape how the business works, and develop a clear strategy for the future.

Both Directors joined the first Cedar Associates Developing Business Leader course that includes 5 training modules relevant to their roles, with one to one coaching sessions in-between for each.  (More details on the Website). The opportunity to discuss ideas and plans with other course members has provided a further depth to the development of them and their business

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