Business Coaching

“The art of facilitating the performance,
learning and development of another”
 (Myles Downey)

The aim of the coaching Cedar Associates provides is to support and compliment an individual’s management training and career development. Working on a one to one basis, coaching creates an opportunity to identify areas to personally improve, and assists individuals to develop objectives and strategies to achieve desired outcomes. This in turn creates focus and motivation, and a more far sighted approach to management, and to their personal development.

There is a wide range of potential benefits the individual and the business can gain from a series of planned sessions. Using coaching as a means of development can lead to –

1. Improved business performance through others, and achieving business targets
2. Faster resolution of problems and overcoming barriers to progress
3. Identifying and changing unproductive behaviour patterns with staff
4. Increased motivation of self and staff
5. Less time tied up with day to day issues, more on the big picture
6. More effective use of skills and abilities across the business
7. Sustained behavioural and attitude change
8. Challenging the issues that arise with a more objective perspective

The coach will facilitate discussion to steer the individual to the areas of greatest value and benefit. This is not about telling them what they should do, but questioning, challenging and encouraging the person to concentrate on what they need to do to develop to their potential. By then encouraging a commitment to action in a series of practical, planned steps, the way forward becomes clear.

Cedar Associates’ aim is always to help people recognise and release their potential. Coaching is hugely valuable because it both stands alone, and naturally complements our suite of development programmes where we can offer additional support between modules, and after a training programme.

Our service is available for supervisors, managers and executives at a frequency and duration appropriate to the individual and their objectives. A common approach might be a series of four to six sessions of up to two hours, separated by around two months. Telephone and e-mail support is also available between sessions.

Please take a minute to read our coaching case studies to see how we’ve helped previous clients, by clicking on the links below.

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